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The Business Guidebook For Health & Wellness Professionals: Starting and Maintaining Your Successful Business

Are you a health and wellness professional? A massage therapist, acupuncturists, naturopath or life coach? You are an expert in what you do, but when it comes to business you feel lost and confused. This book was created with you in mind. Learn about the legalities of your business, simple accounting, insurance protection and managing your business. You can have a successful health and wellness practice! 130 pages.

Price: $29.95

Business Program for Health & Wellness Professionals on DVD

204 minutes, NTSC
The Business Program for Health & Wellness Professionals takes you step by step in understanding what it takes to run your health and wellness business. From Learning about Business Entities, Forming Business Agreements, Sharpening Your Negotiation Skills, Insurance Protection, Retirement Planning, Marketing Strategy and Business Ethics. Contribution of John Ascenzo.

Price: $59.97

The Business Guidebook for Contractors: Business advice for contractors on running their business

There is a lack of information about the important elements of business amongst the construction trade. They are experts, but sometimes do not have the necessary business skills. Does this sound familiar? Within this book there is easy to understand information on forming a marketing strategy, reviewing insurance needs, basic accounting, and industry-specific legal knowledge. The legal section includes an explanation of business entities, as well as negotiating tips. There are sample forms tailored to your business to help contractors understand what they need. If you are a plumber, electrician, carpenter or contractor, then this is a must for your library. 100 pages.

Price: $29.95