Mediation & Negotiation Services

You are a small business owner and you cannot afford litigation. You want to maintain good relationships with your clients and customers, but need to resolve a conflict or issue. Mediation is a voluntary process in which two or more parties involved in a dispute work with an impartial party to generate their own solutions and settle conflicts.

  • Decisions are kept private and confidential
  • Costs are lower than litigation
  • Attorneys are impartial mediators

Sample mediations:

Two sisters have owned a web design business for ten years.  It has been a successful partnership and the sisters have split the work equally. Now one of the sisters has been given a new opportunity, wants to leave the business and be paid 50% of the value of the business.  The other sister wants to keep the business going and cannot afford to pay half of the value of the business.  Through mediation the sisters avoided costly  litigation with a structured payout over time and resume their close relationship.

A psychologist decided to sublet a  room  3 days a week from a chiropractor.  The psychologist was looking for a quiet space to place a desk and two  chairs. The psychologist complained about the noise with promises from the chiropractor that things would change. They didn’t and the psychologist wishes to leave.  The chiropractor wants the lease enforced and wants the psychologist to pay up for the remaining months on the lease.  With mediation, the subleasing agreement is altered and both parties walk away happy.


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