I was recently asked by a client to review a contract.  They were booking a location for a special event.  My first question after my initial review was,


“Was there anything you discussed because I need to make sure it is in the contract?”


As usual, the answer was in the negative.  My client said it was all just standard.  I made my recommendations based on that information, because even a standard contract still needs to be changed.  However, the situation was not just standard because 1 month later the client found out that some verbal promises had been broken.


When it is not written down, then there is no record.  If it is not in the contract, then even an email can help to show intention, but my client had no emails either.


The other party said there had been no breach of contract, and there were a few conversations that needed to take place to satisfy my client.  My client concluded that changing locations and getting the deposit refunded was the best choice.


This didn’t have to happen at all, and time and money was lost.  Remember that everything you discussed needs to be in a contract or it is as if it didn’t exist.  It is difficult to go back and change a signed agreement since both parties need to agree to the change.


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