A few times a year, usually when the seasons change I take the time to organize.  This time I was ruthless in my cleaning leading to bags of trash and donated clothing.  I then decided to do the same with my office.


I had certificates from completing mediation courses, collaborative law and as an e-learning instructor. I went to my local frame shop, purchased some frames and hung them up.  Because I have taken these courses I can put myself out as a professional- a mediator, a lawyer and educator.  This also means that as a professional I need to meet a standard of care that is above those who do not have the same knowledge.


This is why insurance is important.


If you are in the same circumstances where you are a professional, then you need to make sure that you have the right kind of liability insurance.  Once you have insurance you should also make sure that you acknowledge it in your contract with your clients. It lets them know that you are a true professional in your field.


If you work with someone else in a contractor or subcontractor relationship, then you need to make sure that they carry insurance, too.


Insurance and law go together.  Where one is not able to help you, the other can.