Many companies because of their size are able to bring to their employees different opportunities ranging from health and wellness initiatives to financial planning assistance. You may even be jealous when you hear your friend talk about their employer sponsored Zumba class or free insurance analysis program. If you are a small company or even solo entrepreneur, then you can feel that you do not have the ability to have any sort of program because you are just too small.

However, it is a matter of leverage. For example, my office is located on a floor with 5 other small businesses with at maximum three employees. We often would see each other in the hallway, but rarely understood each other’s businesses or even knew the other person’s name.

Yet, now we have started to leverage our small business status and take advantage of bringing in speakers, giving referrals, and being friendly. It is a win/win situation. If you work from home, then you can do the same with others that work from home, too.

Think about joining forces and bringing in people who can help your businesses improve. It is cost effective, a good learning environment and spurs creativity. True North Business Consulting offers classes that can be brought to your work situation. Having a small business doesn’t mean you have to think small. You can leverage and be like a large company, and have the potential for success too.