It is summer vacation time! This may involve an airline, a hotel, a rental car and dealings with service businesses all to make your vacation a success.


But, things can go wrong as I discovered in Turkey when our airline cancelled their flight and we were left at the mercy of chaotic, disorganized Turkish airport.


Thankfully, back home and safe and sound (after a harrowing taxi cab ride at 90 miles per hour going down one way streets the wrong way with a driver who did not speak English). However, there are repercussions, expenses that I incurred and I want to be put back to the place I would have been in if the trip had gone smoothly.


What to do? Just like I advise in business- keep records, receipts to prove what happened to you. Write it all down and make notations so that you know what you have. This is your evidence. As I have mentioned before most cases are lost because there is not enough evidence to prove what has happened to you.


Start making phone calls, sending emails and writing letters. Your letters and emails should be direct with what happened to you and what you are looking for in compensation.


This is a process of persistence and patience, but I am sure it will all work out.

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