I missed a month of writing my blog.  Clients needed my attention, and I was unable to carve out the time to make the blog a priority.  Was this a mistake?  Yes.  What is the impact of this?  I lost opportunities to gain more clients, to sell books and videos.  Have you done this when it comes to your business?


In working with my clients we form contracts that spell out what I will do for them.  This is called the scope.  What happens when this scope gets changed or added to?  My client is being served, but am I being served by allowing what in project management is called creep?


When you are working with a client and focusing on your business make sure that you are staying within the scope so that you have time for your business.  Your clients will also appreciate that you explain what you are doing for them, and then reviewing if they have additional needs.


Remember your clients are your priority, but so is your business.  Stick to your scope and your business activities, and do not allow creep to skew your results.


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