It seems as though every year I get a slew of questions that lead back to licensure. Certain professions require a license. Licensing is important because there are requirements in order to get the license and standards in order to keep the license.

In order to keep a license there is usually a continuing education requirement and a scope of practice. Recently body workers have come under fire. Body works are not licensed massage therapists. Many cities and towns are not allowing for body workers to open businesses.

There is next the scope of practice issue. Licensed professionals have a scope of practice they must adhere to and not go beyond that scope. For example a physical therapy assistant cannot bill their services to an insurance company and they have to be under the direct supervision of a physical therapist.

What if the consumer has an issue? Frequently consumers hire unlicensed contractors to work on their homes and businesses. Also frequently are the issues that arise due to poor workmanship and incomplete work. If the contractor is licensed then there is actually some recourse through the state. If the contractor is not licensed then that ability is lost.

It is important to use licensed individuals as there is some protection provided. It is also important for those licensed to stay within their scope of practice to limit legal issues.